Gratz’s Guestlist 4: Guest mix by Akhil

Ayoooooo so it’s that time again, that time where you’re officially fed up with sucking the real worlds dick all week and now you’re ready to dive into a pool of alcohol like you’re Michael fucking Phelps. As always, Gratzfeed has you covered for the tunes you need to participate in said activity. This week though, Gratz’s Guestlist features a very special guest who knows a thing or two about freak nasty beats, none other than Rutgers legend DJ Akhil. He was telling me how opening for DJ Snake was cool, but being featured on Gratz’s Guestlist is a new career milestone. This time he really doesn’t seem to give any fucks at all as he drops Jack U, W&W, and even some unexpected surprises sprinkled in. Enjoy folks and try to make it back in the office or class by Monday morning.

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