Knife Party- Bonfire

Knife Party is comprised of two sick, sick fucks who just know how to make awesome music. Known for mostly their dubstep tracks, the duo also produces and has an appreciation for other types of dance music ranging anywhere from progressive house to deep house, as evidenced by their ultra set from this past weekend which was definitely a little different than some of the sets they usually play. Despite them experimenting with different sounds, their frightening dubstep tracks will always be what Knife Party is best known for. ‘Rage Valley’ and ‘Internet Friends’ are two classics that everyone knows, but this weeks throwback is one of their most deranged tracks to date, ‘Bonfire’. ‘Bonfire’ always gets people to go absolutely apeshit and is just out of control. Speaking of their Ultra set, they even decided to close with this track which sent the crowd into a frenzy that made people stomp around like they were trying to get into a Walmart on Black Friday. Here’s to ‘Bonfire’, a true Knife Party classic.

P. Diddy, Black Rob & Mark Curry- Bad Boy For Life

Continuing with the theme of Ultra, the festival was jam packed with surprise appearances all weekend. One of the most awesome, least expected surprises was Jack U bringing out P. Diddy. They even dropped Bad Boy For Life, one of the biggest rap anthems of the early 2000s. Unfortunately, not everyone in the crowd knew every single word to this classic and thats a fucking travesty. This generation has to to learn some respect. If you don’t know this track then it’s best you take some time out of your day and get acquainted. You have to watch the video too, it fully captures the essence of what rap during that era was like, big white tees, throwback jerseys, the good ol days. The video even has Ben Stiller and a bunch of other sick cameos. If ya don’t know, now ya know.

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