You’re Not Ballin Until You Buy this Atlanta Hawks 2 Chainz Shirt

The Atlanta Hawks are sitting pretty in the Eastern Conference with an 11 game lead over Cleveland for the #1 spot, but their marketing department is killing it even more than the actual team themselves. First they have Tinder night which probably was the greatest night ever and now they are selling 2 Chainz gear straight from their official store. It’s one of those player tees that’s like a jersey for people who cant afford jerseys (it’s ok I’m one of them). On the front of the shirt it says ATL with the number 2 and then appropriately has 2 gold chains about as thick as Nicki Minajs booty.



Would you just look at that? Yeah, Spring is the time where everyone gets their new Sperrys, their new shades, their new eating disorder, blah blah blah but this is definitely the most essential piece of any wardrobe this year. They say you can’t buy swag but you can buy this for 28 bucks and that will definitely help boost your street cred by like a lot. I’m a little surprised they didn’t offer one with a star of David because I’m pretty sure 2 Chainz is Jewish or something but hey it’s still pretty cool. Usually I hate rocking gear from other teams (except the Hornets, Raptors and Grizzlies because their vintage shit is just too nice) but this is completely OK… it’s not like I was going to buy any Sixers gear in the near future anyway. This is also definitely something you spend the extra money for the fastest shipping possible because I honestly can’t imagine having to wait a long time for something so crucial to life to come in the mail. So yeah here’s your first Gratzfeed Spring 2015 essential, no need for thank you’s just enjoy being the realest nigga (yeah you can say it if you own this shirt! Really? TRUUU) in the game.

Here’s the link so you can buy it right this second

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