Wow, just wow. Great news today if you’re a true fan of cinema and appreciate the fine arts. Tip Harris (also known as T.I.) has confirmed via Instagram that a sequel to the 2006 modern classic ‘ATL’ is on the way.

We all remember ATL, it was the one about….uh….well all I really remember is that it had TI, rollerblading, and Big Boi from Outkast as the bad drug dealer guy, but WHO CARES they’re making another one! I can only imagine they’re going to up the ante for part deux. I’m thinking cameos by like Iggy Azalea and boo Swaggy P, Meek Mill as a ruthless kingpin who saws indebted peoples arms off, maybe even Kyle Korver as a playground baller in the A. One suggestion I have is that the first one was PG-13, lets push the envelope and make this one a hard R. I mean come on its a movie with TI about Atlanta, we need at least half of it to take place in a strip club. Perhaps the best part of the original was the soundtrack for it. Actually, because there was so much dope ass music made for the movie they ended up just releasing it as another album for TI, which was titled “King”. It featured “What You Know”, “Top Back” and “Why You Wanna”, all fucking legit tracks circa 2006. Well now it’s almost 10 years later lets get some 2chainz and Young Thug for round 2 and we’ll be in good shape. So yeah this is a thing and we’ll keep you posted with more information regarding a release date so you can mark your calendars accordingly.


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