Holy shit. I need to breathe. For a while Afrojack was my favorite producer, dude made some crazy ass tracks that were just so wild and so unique and so fun. Then he went the way of Tiesto and started making tracks with sappy lyrics that had teeny radio stations written all over. Even though a lot of them weren’t actually that bad I was still really sad, how can the guy who made “Ray Bomb” and “Air Guitar” be making “Ten Feet Tall” now?. I felt like Phoebe in Hey Arnold when she found out Ronnie Matthews was a talentless scumbag. Well it looks like the old Afro is BACK as today he uploaded a file called “2015 is gonna be fun” and is a string of previews from his upcoming tracks. Guess what? THEY’RE FUCKING INSANE. Vintage Afrojack sounds and it’s the perfect soundtrack to play when you want to slam your skull against a brick wall. Can’t wait to get the full versions of these snippets from Mr. Van de Wall, we’ll keep you posted as we find out more about these sadistic set of noises.

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