Tommy Trash- Cascade (Original Mix)

After slowing down on production, Mr. Trash has been recently ramping up, killing it with “Love Like This”, “Hex” and “About U”. But this week’s throwback features one of Tommy Boys older tracks, “Cascade”. This track starts off really melodic and progressive, then hits you with a signature Tommy Trash drop. I could only describe the tones of his drops as sharp and gritty. While his collab “Reload” with Sebastian Ingrosso may be his most well known track to date, every Tommy Trash fan just has a special place for Cascade in their heart.

Lil Wayne featuring Robin Thicke- Shooter

This track is just really fucking cool. I don’t know anyone who knows this track and doesn’t like it. If you don’t feel like a boss or a bad bitch while listening to this then you more likely than not have some internal issues I certainly cannot help you with. I mean just look at the two who made this, you get Weezy in his prime with Robin Thicke on the hook. The way I envision listening to this track would be waking up, opening the blinds, rolling something up, and then getting fresh and clean before you throw on a pair of shades and start your day. The track is just so chill and smooth and gets more energetic over time. Weezy actually has a lot of really unique sounding hip-hop tracks, and this undoubtedly one of them. Long live Shooter and long live The Carter II.

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