Stevie Franchise is BACK, Has His Ice Snatched

Steve Francis! What a fucking throwback. He was actually recently brought up in a conversation I was having with my friend as were reminiscing about the ballers from our youth. Definitely up there, not quite T-Mac or AI but you had to love The Franchise. He had everything you’d want from a basketball player you watched during your bar mitzvah years: selfish play, Yao Ming sized ego, and of course freak nasty dunks.

So why is Stevie Franchise in the news? Oh, believe me, this is about to take every expectation you could possibly have and just completely shit on it. Basically he was at a Sauce Twinz concert (I KNOW I KNOW let me finish!!!!) and was incredibly turnt on stage and then things happened, things were probably said and before you know it you see The Franchise aggressively yanked by his neck bling as he falls to the ground (definitely wasn’t a flop either) and then the guy who did it apparently makes off with his chain. According to XXL, “While Sauce Diddy went out of his way to say that Francis is “good people,” he did lament that the former NBA star was very intoxicated during the performance. “[Francis] must have been drunk,” he said. “He was mumbling on the mic and bumping into people. At one point, one of my artists tried to get Steve to leave the stage.” When the robbery went down, it wasn’t pretty; in the video, you can see the individual grab Francis by the neck and subsequently stomp him once he was on the floor of the venue.”


Theres just too many amazing things about this whole thing. First, it’s Steve Francis. Second, he’s at a SAUCE TWINZ concert. Um hello? Why the fuck do I not know about these guys? Steve Fucking Francis is at their show, they are obviously incredible. Their manager goes by Sauce Diddy. The actual duo is made up of none other than Sancho Saucy and Sauce Walka. I was going to spend the next few weeks getting ready for Miami Music Week but fuck that, I’m literally downloading every album, mixtape, single, whatever the fuck they have out and bumping that shit like its 50 cent in ’05. Also, gotta love the on stage scuffle as a whole. Remember in Notorious when Party and Bullshit is on and theres that fake fight that breaks out until Biggie’s like “can’t we just all get along?” and then you realize the fight was staged and everyone starts turning up on stage and the crowd goes into a frenzy, that’s what this reminded me of. Except it was like, actually real and not staged. The part that wasn’t cool about this whole thing though is them trying to kick Francis off the stage. Who cares if he’s blacked the fuck out you can’t tell him what to do. Have you ever tried going to a Sauce Twinz concert not completely blacked? It’s like going to Taco Bell not stoned…..still fucking unreal but just not the same. It doesn’t say if he ended up getting his chain back, but if anyone knows of its whereabouts please contact Gratzfeed and we’ll have our people contact his people and make this all right. You can check out the original story as well as the video below.

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