Bro Senator Wants to Lower Drinking Age for Troops, Has the Support of Gratzfeed

Maryland Senator Ron Young proposed a bill that would allow members of the armed forces to be able to drink beer and wine at the age of 18. According to a report from “The bill would legalize sales of only beer or wine to active service members younger than 21; it would not permit them to legally drink hard liquor. In addition, the service members could drink only while at a bar or restaurant and couldn’t buy alcohol to go. To buy the beer or wine, the service member would have to present a valid armed forces identification card.”

Iraq US Troops Super Bowl

Allow me to quote the two goons from those old Guinness commercials, “brilliant!”. Seriously this seems fine to me, the bill only lets them drink at a bar or restaurant and only lets them drink beer and wine, what’s the worst that could happen? When was the last time you’ve heard someone say “man, those 14 beers really fucked my shit up last night!”. It’s not like they can get turnt off the Devil’s real potions like tequila and Smirnoff Raspberry.  I mean I personally wouldn’t care if it allowed them to drink any alcohol they please because we all know that all people in general are going to find a way to get something they want if they want it bad enough but that’s besides the point. Also, if they’re in the armed forces to begin with shouldn’t we be able to give them enough trust to have some self control and personal responsibility while drinking? The only thing is if we let them drink because they are in the armed forces then what about the 70 pound asian girl who’s pre-med, is she not trying to eventually save lives too? I say fuck it, just lower the drinking age to 18 or 19 altogether. Just give some little 18 year old shit a bottle of Cuervo and tell them to go nuts and maybe they’ll be so mortified by what happens they’ll never drink again. I mean, you won’t find me downing shots of straight Everclear anytime soon. No fucking way. Not after my prom weekend. Not a snowballs chance in the DMV. You can check out the full original article below.

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