So here’s what we’re going to do here, every Thursday I’ll post a couple of throwback tracks that you’ll most likely hear for the first time in a million years that you’ll either A. become obsessed with again for a few days, or, B. continue to forget about and not listen to again for another eternity, if not ever. There is one certainty though however, and that is you’ll definitely feel old as fuck. I’m thinking 2 tracks a week, one hip hop and one house (since those are like the only two genres that really matter in life). Lets do this.

Lil Kim- Lighters Up.

Lil Kim, Scott Storch beat, what’s not to love? Definitely used to bump this shit on my fourth generation ipod all the time. There’s even another version where she calls out only spots in New York, which must be pretty cool if you’re from there and know what they all are.

FUN FACT/RUMOR: You’ve heard of that urban legend right? That Lil Kim had to get her stomach pumped because she swallowed too much, ya know, well she just swallowed too much. Who knows if its true, if it is, simply fascinating feat. If not, kudos to the sick fuck who made that up, I hope I can someday possess the creativity to make that shit up about people and ruin their public image for kicks.

Tiesto- Maximal Crazy (Original Mix)

Figured I’d start this first edition off with a BANG. Easily one of my favorite tracks ever. Hearing this just makes me want to party, and when I say party I mean take a plastic bottle of alcohol and club someone over the skull with it. Gotta love this Tiesto…before he started making music for girls going through puberty.

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