Innocent Old Dude Trying to Avoid Getting Fucked by Hard Dick of Jersey Law

So heres the deal, there’s this retired 72 year old Jersey english teacher who collects (in his eyes) cool historical shit. Most probably shit you’d see on Pawn Stars and think who the fuck would want that. Anyways, he has this flintlock pistol which apparently hasn’t been fired since the homie George Washington was alive which was sometime in the 1700s, yes, 1700s. He gets pulled over for a traffic violation with the gun, which is harmlessly unloaded, wrapped in cloth in the glove compartment. Now, since technically its a firearm, he’s looking at a max 10 year sentence and a MINIMUM 3 and a half year sentence. To add to that, his pension from the state could also be in jeopardy so yeah there goes his source of income which he spent years and years working to earn.

What a fucking JOKE. Poor guy. Hope this thing gets resolved. Shit like this screws everybody. Now, theres one more thing to worry about besides the ultimate goal for Jersey, legalized pot. The REAL issue here is that this guy was allowed on the road in the first place. I think drivers licenses have to get revoked right around 70 or when your hair goes completely gray, whichever comes first. Instead of jumping around at Cowboys Stadium, Chris Christie needs to rework a few laws to offer some protection to innocent old dudes who just want to collect vintage firearms. Best of luck to you, Gordon Von Gilder.

Heres the original story from our good friends over at fox news.

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